Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Fins & Fun Surf

I got my board set up as a quad now and really like how the fins release. In addition, the board seems to have more lift when pumping for speed. Thanks DW with the fin help.

Today, forecasted to be small, and of course there was a thigh to waist high wave with offshore winds. Before Surfline, Swell Info, MagicSeaweeed and online buoy reports going to the beach and checking the surf was like Christmas Day. You park and run over the dunes and you either got good waves (which would be like getting a great toy for a gift) or flat surf (like getting socks & underwear as a present). Now, if the forecast shows swell and when it's not there it's like I just got sucker punched in the stomach. Especially if you rearranged your work and family schedule. When the forecast shows no swell and there is good swell I freak out. Like someone hooked my adrenal glands up to my car battery. You could call Guiness about the world record work clothes to wetsuit exchange time. 60 seconds flat! Minus a few seconds because I am driving you know.

What do normal people do to keep occupied?

Aint Surfing Great!

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