Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travel Day, Good Surf Again!

Mission Beach Thanksgiving.

Cylinder City

The next shots are from Tourmaline Surfing Park aka. "Old Mans". I perfect place for long rolling waves. The wave can break for hundreds of yards during big swells. A great SUP wave. I saw wave being rode for agout 50 yards before even breaking.

A Break In The Weather For Perfect Surf

Mission Beach Tuesday morninig.

Offshore winds, chest high and plenty of room to catch all the waves I wanted.

Monday, November 22, 2010

West Coast Vacation

Today, late afternoon at Windansea. One kid out catching the shorebreak. He was taken off and trying to launch airs where the shorebreak comes together. I almost put my wetsuit on and went out. It's hard to find this place empty. It doesn't seem to be SUP friendly from what I hear. When its's bigger wave break way outside, that's when to go on the SUP.

Sunset Cliffs before I suited up. I little rough and disorganized but no one out and good for the paddle board. I SUPed alone for about an hour before 3 other people came out. I compare this wave to our inlet on a big day. The wave holds up really well. The paddle board makes all the sections and the paddle out is easy. Getting in and out of the water with the rocks is the hard part.

Another shoot of Sunset Cliffs. My camera is on zoom, the wave is pretty far out. We would be calling this set well overhead back home. I would say it has a good 10 foot drop down the face with a 6-7 foot shoulder. What I would have done to have my 8' Ripper. I surfed a rented 9' 6" Jerry Lopez Sound of Music.

This is Sunday at Windansea, my first surf. Windansea is a tricky wave. It comes in at an angle and makes the wave A frame and jack up. It looks simple from shore but will toss you over in a second. There're lots rocks that cause the wave to boil up and barrel.... The weather has been unusual for San Diego. Lots of rain and wind on Saturday and half of Sunday. Beautiful today, just like home. The typical weather patterns bring lots of fog and light winds that give them A+ surf conditions most days.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good & Crowded

Saturday at Masonboro.

Masonboro Today


Solid head high surf today. Thanks to the B-Dogg for the shots.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Guerilla Learning To SUP

Check out the hand grip. And zoom in and check out my facial expression.

Steady.....Don't look down.

A blast from the past.

Most guys try SUP a couple times and give up. "How am I ever going to relax and surf this thing?" I remember thinking to myself.

PS> I think I feel a cold coming on! Check our forecast, it may be contagous. Call the boss and let him know you will be missing a few days.