Friday, January 29, 2010

Archive Shot

April 2009. Name this surfer at this secret location.

Monday, January 25, 2010

1O' Subvector Rocks

I rode Butch's board, the 10' C4 Subvector, today. Solid head high surf. The board is really good. On bigger waves it shines. Based on this board, I bet the 9'6'' board is sick. I really enjoyed the sharp nose and rocker.

Lots of cameras on the beach. Maybe someone got one of the SubV.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Superman Runs into Kryptonite!

Thought #1: I think I just hit my board with the paddle. Oh no.

Thought #2: Wow, I hit both sides? Weird.

Thought #3: Ohhhhhh SHITTTTT! This aint so good.

Thought 4: The waves are pretty good and I'm all alone at Masonboro, I could surf some more. Except, swimming back with two boards will suck.

Saturday morning at Masonboro, light north winds, the tides filling in and fun waist high waves. All alone, what more could I ask. I'll surf till noon. I catch a fun waist/chest wave that's throwing a little lip over, I stall, tuck, ride and hang on till the last second and bust through the back of the wave. I pulled the board back and.....(see pictures)

It looks fixable.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Van Project & Last Weekends Surf

Hopefully, next weekend I will be purchasing this metallic silver E350 passenger van. The idea is to have it converted to 4x4 by Quigley. If your not familar with Quigley, they are the leader in four drive conversions When they convert, they install new 17inch wheels and they increase the vehicle height by 2 inches. After the conversion I will be giving the van a vehicle wrap for our fitness center and personal training program called Boot Camp PT. Check us out and soon to be Our vehicle wrap won't be the boring vehicle branding you ussually see or DON'T see around town.Check out some of the extreme graphic designs You can even change the entire color of the vehicle. The wraps last about 3 years and will help protect the paint. We'll see.

Last Sunday at noon. SW winds and about chest high at the northend.

65 degrees and surf is so much better than 30 degrees and the ankle biters we've had for three weeks.

Is this an Omen? This was the second 2 wheel drive van I saw stuck there this past weekend. You can write the warning signs in spanish, but you can't write them in stupid.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Stroke Classic

Chuck Patterson congratulating Kurt Byron the Elite winner.


Middle of the pack.

Stand up paddle boats.

Really cool event, with a great turn out. Everyone looked tired and happy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More SD Xmas Shots

Run Forest, Run!

Butch and I went back & forth 3 times to Sunset Cliffs and Mission Beach at 6am trying to make the right call. Sunset Cliffs wasn't breaking because of the extremely high tide. I didn't know at the time that it was still an hour before completely full. Mission Beach looked BIG on the sets. I know from previous surfs that it thumps when overhead. I was trying to avoid surfing a beach break. Tourmaline's was small. We decided to hit Mission instead of waiting on the tide to fall. We scored a fun 2 hour session.

One final shot before leaving.

Sunset Cliffs at low tide. Much easier to get in than high tide. (See previous Thanksgiving post) Everyone out enjoying the tide pools.

This is "Garbage". Yep, that's it name. I call it, "Don't bust your ass running down the steps to get in spot".We surfed the break to the left of this picture aka. "Garbage South". The sets were chest to head, overhead for us. Hollow take offs that can suck up and give small barrel.

Butch aka "The Golden Bear" getting some pool practice on his new ULI and Werner three piece adjustable paddle. The golfers didn't know what to think.
The Inside Scoop.
We got a little schooling from Jim and Chris from ULI. They had never seen the C4 ISup. Jim tells Chris to pick my board up and Chris says "about 8-9lbs. of pressure'. What! I pumped the shit out of it. ULI provides a pressure gauge with their boards. He was right on the money. In addition, the pump they have is smooth and can crank out the psi's with little effort. Unfortunately it doesn't fit the C4 inflation valve. They also inform me that when I do get the pressure up, the valve washer blows out when you release the pressure. This causes you to find something thin to help reinsert the rubber washer.
It was really cool seeing all the ULIs. They come with Kevlar strips down the center of both sides for rigidity. Seem to work compared to my board. Or could it be that I have half the psi's?
We also saw two prototype boards, a 9ft and 8ft. Pretty cool stuff. These guys were great. Jim lent me his paddle to use for two days and gave me a new leash.

West Coast Holiday Surf

Butch about to take the ULI for a demo surf at Mission Beach. This is Jim Weir's board, the owner of ULI corp based out of San Diego.

Butch's first wave of the morning.


The "Golden Bear" taking the drop.

Now at the bottom.

I believe this is me shot from the shore,

This day was a super high tide at 7ft. The waves were chest to head on sets. I forgot my leash but had one on a surfboard I have kept in Butches garage in the desert for two years. It broke on an overhead bomb that stuck me on a paddle out just 30 minutes into the session. Luckily, the tide was super high and you could wait between sets to get out. I got caught two more times by sets and had to make the swim. You can see the shorebreak was pumping.

The word was, a few days prior, this beach break was unsurfable because of the size. The tide was dropping as we left and was starting to wall up and get vertical with bigger sets.
More about the ULI and photos to come..

Friday, January 1, 2010

California Update.

We ISUPed last week with good surf. Photos to come. Just will say, we miss out on surf, but they miss out with sunsets, sunrises and great beaches!

Eventhough, our head high equals their waist high. I've surfed a 2mil without booties and been fine.