Sunday, January 24, 2010

Superman Runs into Kryptonite!

Thought #1: I think I just hit my board with the paddle. Oh no.

Thought #2: Wow, I hit both sides? Weird.

Thought #3: Ohhhhhh SHITTTTT! This aint so good.

Thought 4: The waves are pretty good and I'm all alone at Masonboro, I could surf some more. Except, swimming back with two boards will suck.

Saturday morning at Masonboro, light north winds, the tides filling in and fun waist high waves. All alone, what more could I ask. I'll surf till noon. I catch a fun waist/chest wave that's throwing a little lip over, I stall, tuck, ride and hang on till the last second and bust through the back of the wave. I pulled the board back and.....(see pictures)

It looks fixable.


  1. Are you pulling aerials on your SV now? :) Man, I'll wait to hear what DW says, but I don't like that I can see the kryptonite inside the board! Glad you didn't snap in half and have a long swim home!

  2. BA, delete your email account and let your mail program AUTO recreate it. Bellsouth changed the SMTP and POP servers to att. I did this tonight and my mail setting automatically changed from bellsouth to att. Mail seems more stable now.

  3. That is the second C4 I've heard about snapping. I guess if the heaviest boards (C4) snap too, then there is no point in worrying about light boards. Shit happens, so you might as well surf a light board.