Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Shot from Saturday's Epic Session.

Attempting a nose ride barrel. Always a splash ending.

Give me this wave everyday. Two more stacked and ready in the back.

Thanxs CB1 for the shots. Can you believe this is all ours?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Morning with GREAT SURF!

8:05 AM This shot is before I leave to go teach stand up paddling. Wave sets are about head high and maybe bigger. All the sections you see typically hook up for a LONG ride. I get up at 5:00AM andsurfed from first light till 8:00AM.

8:06am B-Dog

8:15 am I am leaving the beach to go teach group stand up paddle lesson. The beach is packed, this shot is near the northend pilings.

10:20 am Stand Up Paddle Group Lesson at Inlet Point Harbor.

1:45pm I'm exhausted, shoot this after the wind comes up at marker #16 inlet. You can see that the wave does have a hollow inside section after your 50-100 yard outside break.

1:46pm, still long lines to be had. I have no shots of the overhead perfect surf from 12PM -1:45PM , because it was perfect and ... screw the camera! Sorry.
2:15PM I'm beat and hungry. Goin to the SURFHOUSE for lunch. I need a grape Fanta desperately.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lunch Break

Waist to Head High Plus Surf. East swell + east wind= Rip Currents. Big sets with an incoming high tide on Thursday at noon. It was walled up and doubling up with some backwash. The rip currents made it tough to paddle the stand up board. I would basically drift out with the board dragging behind me on the leash. Dangerous conditions overall.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Race Event for All

This should be a wonderful event. I'm definitely planning to take part. If anyone interested in breaking into the sport and has never paddle boarded before, I am offering weekly training including equipment. Please contact me for further details.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It Aint Over Yet!

Great surf this morning. Everything from waist to maybe some overhead sets coming in on the rising tide. And glassy! I wasn't prepare for such good waves, I didn't bring a camera to record the session. More surf on the way this week.

I should have some video in the next few days from this past weekend. Check out for additional shots from Friday evenings inlet session.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Big CB Inlet This Evening

Rolling outer wave.

Z taking a knee break about 3/4 the way out.

CB1 on the inside! Look at the glassy left. At times there was 3-4 more lines of whitewater beyond this.

Thunderstorms till 4pm. I drove to the CB inlet and it glassed off. The waves are breaking 100s of yards out past the norm. Ridiculous! I made a call to Z and I venture out all alone for the first 20 minutes. Rumor has it that someone even called the lifeguards when they saw me out. The waves are overhead rollers, rides are fast and forever. About an hour into the session I go out to more of the center of the inlet. The wave size jumped up after a few rides and the sets get out of control. After taking a several sets that I would have to say were several feet overhead (8-12 ft faces?) the paddle back out got crazy. I stuck it out for a while longer with some breaks. They shutting our spot down tonight and possibly tomorrow because the storm surge and swell potential. Tonight was 6 ft. @16, tomorrow is calling for bigger.
PS. The photos are from the first hour. Overall the waves ended up being about 3ft bigger!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Already Tired and Sore!

M- Cat (aka. Matt " I'm on your doorstep" Harris)

The first pulses of the ground swell from Ana this morning. Glassy and waist to chest high sets. I SUPed for 2hours in the AM and surfed shortboard for two hours in the afternoon. Saturday forecast now calling 9ft. @ 16 secs. with offshore winds!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OMG... Get Out Your Brown Surf Trunks!'s report for CB, Like I said in an earlier post, tides will be perfect for the mornings.

Surf: 1-3' overhead high SE long period swell for the morning with occasional well overhead sets. This builds to well overhead to double overhead high for the afternoon.
Conditions: Fairly clean in the morning with SW winds 5-10kt. Sideshore texture/chop conditions for the afternoon as the winds increase to 10-15kt.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Hurricane Bertha on STEROIDS!"

Could this be C.B. this weekend? 6.5 @ 16secs.

I just checked magicseaweed's hurricane forecast. WOW. They are saying their forecast predictions are conservative. Florida's forecast of 3ft @14sec. could be undershot and they could receive as much as 6 ft. @16 sec. swell, which could produce double overhead surf. The storm center is producing swells over 45 ft. You read that correct! I've only seen ridable surf approaching true double overhead proportions once in the last 5-10 years. That was a winter swell that a surfer made the front page of the paper.

I'm mowing the grass tomorrow. No chores this weekend!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Small Surf & Two Too Many Sharks.

We saw two sharks today while sufing at the inlet. Good to be standing above the water! Also, Brad and I surfed the C4 Pohaku foam paddle board. This board is so much fun and rides really well. It has great stability and catches waves easily.

A Sleepless Week Ahead!

Check this forecast out as of today at 8am.

We could be looking at well overhead waves on the incoming tides. High tide at 9:30am Saturday and 10:30am Sunday sets up perfect! I won't sleep all week.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Evening Report

Parting shot, 8pm.

B-Dog at last light.

Some good waist high sets coming through this evening.

Weekend long range forecast looks great, 5 ft. @15secs on Saturday/Sunday! That means overhead surf. Lets hope it holds.

Sunday Paddle Battle w/ Friends

This is Matt "I'm on Your Doorstep" Harris!

"This looks like a good shoulder."

B-Doggy Dog House

How small does DW look in this shot?

Good lines this morning.

AM Glide.
Fun waves with paddle buddies today. Waves started coming in waist high once the tide turn around 11am.
And the "Wave of the Day" goes to....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Saturday TruckCam Clips.

The Sub Vector continues to prove itself in small mushy surf!

Surfhouse Has This....Hynson 7' Quad

FCS Quad setup

Speed, buoyancy and manueverability.

This is a bad a** board! My next board will be something similar if not the same. The transition from a 9'3", 5" thick SUP board back to my 6'2-6'6" shortboards take a few sessions in order to get my weight transfer correct. I am looking to go from one to the other immediately. Also, this would make the paddle to Masonboro a little easier!

Check the board out at the Surfhouse on Carolina Beach.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Group Lesson for Ladies

SUP Demo for ladies.

I am offering a group lesson to any and all ladies that would like to try Stand Up Paddling. All ages and fitness levels are invited. Many first time students are up and paddling on the first attempt. Please contact me for further details (Brian Autry 910-264-4267).

P.S. If your boyfriends or husbands would like to try, I am available for couples lessons and coastal waterway tours.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend's Here! Sand Sleding is Becoming Popular!

This was the biggest set I saw today, probably in the chest high range.

Classic "Z" shot. If you look closely you can see him saying "wave of the day".

Nice sunrise this morning. This was at 7am, I'm willing to bet first light was beautiful.

Southern Sand Sled. NorthEnd Carolina Beach, NC!
This was Saturday. Today we saw a four wheel drive taxi pulling a kayak full of camping gear by a rope. One of my favorite weekend rituals is drive through the camping area early and witness the aftermath of hard partying from the night before. Imagine waking up hungover, sandy, hot and only a few hours of sleep. Then imagine carrying all your camping gear a half mile through sand to your car.

Friday, August 7, 2009

SUP Paint Project: New Pictures.

My sanded down 10' C4.

Finished bottom.


New top, sporting the Lady of America logo on the top. The color scheme is from our business, a ladies only fitness center in Wilmington, NC.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday AM, Before Work...So You Know...

I was going to write so know it sucked in the title, but a day in the water is another day you got to get in the water.

This morning, Bobby made his debut on the video. I went for a jog at sunrise for 4o minutes and when I came back I found Matt (Matt I'm on your doorstep (insert his last name)) and Bobby (The B- Boy (insert his last name)) in the water. They probably thought I was lost at sea. I set up the truck cam and jumped in to cool off.

The Sub V still manuevers well in 2 ft. surf on a 183 lbs. person ( w/ a**). I'm riding the quad set up and it's great for small surf.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

SUP Board Paint Project Almost Complete.

This is my C4 SUB bottom after it's airbrush job. The artist name is Larry Price and he does great work. This is the first board he's every done. He does custom truck tail gates, wall murals, mailboxes portraits etc...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"What? ... I work."


I get up and check the wind and surf cams every morning. EXCEPT, this morning because of the forecast and the fact I get up early every morning. 10-15 SW winds, not, try no wind and then light offshores. Murphy's Law.

Ignore the forecast sites to the right of this page and get up and check the surf you lazy bum!

I can look at the bright side, I can always check DW's pictures of this morning.