Friday, August 21, 2009

Big CB Inlet This Evening

Rolling outer wave.

Z taking a knee break about 3/4 the way out.

CB1 on the inside! Look at the glassy left. At times there was 3-4 more lines of whitewater beyond this.

Thunderstorms till 4pm. I drove to the CB inlet and it glassed off. The waves are breaking 100s of yards out past the norm. Ridiculous! I made a call to Z and I venture out all alone for the first 20 minutes. Rumor has it that someone even called the lifeguards when they saw me out. The waves are overhead rollers, rides are fast and forever. About an hour into the session I go out to more of the center of the inlet. The wave size jumped up after a few rides and the sets get out of control. After taking a several sets that I would have to say were several feet overhead (8-12 ft faces?) the paddle back out got crazy. I stuck it out for a while longer with some breaks. They shutting our spot down tonight and possibly tomorrow because the storm surge and swell potential. Tonight was 6 ft. @16, tomorrow is calling for bigger.
PS. The photos are from the first hour. Overall the waves ended up being about 3ft bigger!

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