Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday AM, Before Work...So You Know...

I was going to write so know it sucked in the title, but a day in the water is another day you got to get in the water.

This morning, Bobby made his debut on the video. I went for a jog at sunrise for 4o minutes and when I came back I found Matt (Matt I'm on your doorstep (insert his last name)) and Bobby (The B- Boy (insert his last name)) in the water. They probably thought I was lost at sea. I set up the truck cam and jumped in to cool off.

The Sub V still manuevers well in 2 ft. surf on a 183 lbs. person ( w/ a**). I'm riding the quad set up and it's great for small surf.

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  1. miss u fellas! looks like u all had fun. better enjoy cause I'm coming 4 ya after we get the doors open. enjoyed the video, B