Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Morning with GREAT SURF!

8:05 AM This shot is before I leave to go teach stand up paddling. Wave sets are about head high and maybe bigger. All the sections you see typically hook up for a LONG ride. I get up at 5:00AM andsurfed from first light till 8:00AM.

8:06am B-Dog

8:15 am I am leaving the beach to go teach group stand up paddle lesson. The beach is packed, this shot is near the northend pilings.

10:20 am Stand Up Paddle Group Lesson at Inlet Point Harbor.

1:45pm I'm exhausted, shoot this after the wind comes up at marker #16 inlet. You can see that the wave does have a hollow inside section after your 50-100 yard outside break.

1:46pm, still long lines to be had. I have no shots of the overhead perfect surf from 12PM -1:45PM , because it was perfect and ... screw the camera! Sorry.
2:15PM I'm beat and hungry. Goin to the SURFHOUSE for lunch. I need a grape Fanta desperately.

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