Thursday, January 21, 2010

Van Project & Last Weekends Surf

Hopefully, next weekend I will be purchasing this metallic silver E350 passenger van. The idea is to have it converted to 4x4 by Quigley. If your not familar with Quigley, they are the leader in four drive conversions When they convert, they install new 17inch wheels and they increase the vehicle height by 2 inches. After the conversion I will be giving the van a vehicle wrap for our fitness center and personal training program called Boot Camp PT. Check us out and soon to be Our vehicle wrap won't be the boring vehicle branding you ussually see or DON'T see around town.Check out some of the extreme graphic designs You can even change the entire color of the vehicle. The wraps last about 3 years and will help protect the paint. We'll see.

Last Sunday at noon. SW winds and about chest high at the northend.

65 degrees and surf is so much better than 30 degrees and the ankle biters we've had for three weeks.

Is this an Omen? This was the second 2 wheel drive van I saw stuck there this past weekend. You can write the warning signs in spanish, but you can't write them in stupid.


  1. There is one more place with awesome vehicle wraps and truck decals is serving New Jersey.