Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travel Day, Good Surf Again!

Mission Beach Thanksgiving.

Cylinder City

The next shots are from Tourmaline Surfing Park aka. "Old Mans". I perfect place for long rolling waves. The wave can break for hundreds of yards during big swells. A great SUP wave. I saw wave being rode for agout 50 yards before even breaking.


  1. Hope you're out there having fun in that warm California sun.


  3. Even on the big rough days the reefs provide great long wave faces. The waves sling in at an angle that makes you think the shoulders are going to collapse because they look so big. You drop in and it holds up (most of the time) and gives you a big face to carve.

    "Old Man's" is a classic California wave that DW & Jackie would love. It's Butch's favorite too. On big swells there's plenty of room to spread out and wave starts way outside. It looks like a one story building coming at you. The ride is slow and easy. It makes everyone feel like a pro with big long turns. It took me a while to feel confident about going to the wave bottom. We're so accustom to having to out run waves on the East coast. No need to here!

    PS. The chest high glassy waves were from a small swell. 2-3 feet @ 16s