Sunday, December 19, 2010

SUP n' Surf At Masonboro

Tough economic times turns a paddle board into a tow boat. I glued an Easy Plug to the bottom nose of my surfboard and one to the back of my paddle board, in order to tow my surfboard across to Masonboro. It worked great. I used the surf board leash to attach the two. Not only can I have both boards with me but I have an extra leash if one brakes. I also found it just as easy to wear the leash instead of attaching it to the paddle board. It's probably safer as well.

For what I could tell, it takes about 8 minutes to paddle back across against the tide and wind. The toughest part is transporting the boards and paddle to the water. The traditional paddle board "shoulder carry" seems to be easier than the hand grip with gloves on.

Paddling out not quick enough (part 1).

Paddling out not quick enough (part 2).

Not paddling out quick enough (part3).

FUN surf with nobody out. I didn't see anyone coming or going. A weekend rarity at mas. Thigh to chest high with perfect shape and light NNW winds. Great for paddle boarding.


  1. Amen.....I hit Hamlet St today at 1pm...not a sole out....pretty fun....looks like you had a blast at Mas!

  2. Great weather for paddling but not much adventurous waves out there.