Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Race for me, Go Pirates!

Actually, I'm not all that excited about ECU football. Unfortunately the SUP race falls on a big ECU alumni weekend. I was planing on a great SUP event but plans have changed. The family gets to play in a golf tournament this Friday, which is a lot of fun and the game on Saturday. FORE!

SURF REPORT: Blown out this past weekend with onshore winds, but great weather. Monday, fun surf at Masonboro. Clean with with light NNE winds and waist to chest high waves. More surf later this week.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend: Surf a Little, Work a lot

This is work. OK, not hard work. These are two ladies that shared stand up paddling for the first time. They're paddling a 10' and 11' Pohaku foam board I rent and give lessons. The shot was taken in the C.B. canal.

I tried to get a priceless sunset with a $150 GoPro camera. Friday evening.

Z and J-Mac (or her board?) Friday.

My weekend was 10:1 housework to surfing. I feel ordinary.

PS. The highlight of my weekend was brunch at the SURFHOUSE. Good job C-Luv on the french toast cake!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Stoke"comes in all shapes and sizes.

I went Monday with only the shortboard in the boat to Masonboro. To me, near perfect Masonboro form. Lots of barrels and a fare amount of surfers. It would have been to much for the stand up board, but the outside shoal was starting to break as the tide fell. Either way, a caught some great waves, had my worst wipeout ever (2 back tucks over the falls and a two wave hold down) and I got my foot ran over taking off a half dollar size of skin while paddling out. The wipe out and getting my foot about hacked off I'll never forget! I'm stoked because it's good to have your head on your shoulders and two feet at the end of a session.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This picture makes this waist high wave look bigger. Anyways, the rights had perfect shape.

Beautiful morning. Butch on the 10' Subvector. Stand up surfing Masonboro is going to be tricky at best. The crowd started pulling so we left about 9am. Hopefully when the big NE swells come I can ride the outside bar far out of the way.

Friday, September 4, 2009

SurfHouse Article

I was reading the Wilmington business magazine and came across this article.

Masonboro Time

No photos from the morning. I couldn't find the wrist camera in the truck, I found it later in my bag I took with me! Butch and I surfed from daybreak till about 9:30 at masonboro with side/offshore winds. The surf was real good, waist to chest high and nice barrels. The waves were breaking really fast for high tide. Butch rode his new 10' Subvector. I'll post a picture later during down time. I can say that the board paddles fast and has a good amount of nose rocker. Watch Out for the G-Bear.