Sunday, June 6, 2010

Compliments of "El Zorro"!

A hollow section during an afternoon session. The wave really takes shape at low tide. High tide was in the morning so we had to wait till about 3pm for the wave machine to turn on. It would be knee to waist high in the mornings and chest high once the tide dropped.

A long cruising section. Same day as above, maybe the same wave.
I don't know which section this is, they all start looking the same. I think this is Saturday morning around 8am. I was the first one out at 6am. I caught an overhead wave from the point all the way past the hotel. About 3/4 of the entire wave. It took me about 12 minutes to walk back. On the way past the hotel I see one guy on the hotel balcony. I take another wave, almost identical to the first one. This time surfers are running down the sand dune toward the point.
"El Zorro" took these shots during the week. Over 200 shots in total. That's like 4 waves worth!
This spot was made for the SUP. Although, the longest wave in the world comes with a price. You either walk back with your board in hand and 20 mph winds through rocks, sand dunes and a well timed paddle out at the point. Paddling the entire way takes about 15 minutes against the current. ORRRRR take the boat back to the point ,which takes a couple minutes, while watching perfect barrel after barrel reel off!

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