Sunday, August 8, 2010

My PSH 8' Wide Ripper

Here's my new board and my personal review.
The nose flip works great. The nose or tail rocker OR both make the lift in this board fantastic. What I believe is so much more great is that it sits high in the pocket and generates alot of speed high on the face. Some boards go high and don't go back down. My C4 SubVector takes a lot of muscle to pump the face and does a good job staying down but is hard to lift up the face.
I can see why I that PSH is popular "of course" in Hawaii, it will ride high in the barrels.


  1. You guys are making those 8'0s look TOO easy! I'm a little surprised that they really didn't recommend them to you. You guys are killing it on those boards!!!

  2. can you prone paddle these small sups too?