Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I almost went postal!

Decent rocker. That's a double quatro in the deck for scale.

Looks like I'm going right and right and right... Hopefully the air dryer will straighten them out.

Inflated in a few minutes. No way to check the psi. The pumps gauge doesn't work. From what I've read on the ULI blog it's common.

A shot from last Saturdays session.
I'm optimistic about the blow up. It was easy to inflate and the shape looks pretty good. The board is light! The deck seems to have some concave. I don't know if that's common with inflatables, but with the extra buoyancy it can only help. It reminds me of the foam board's flex. Tomorrow I'm doing a test surf and rolling it up for the trip. I'll video everything. I don't expect it to manuever like a hard board but if it surfs anywhere near the foam board I'll be happy.
I never would have given up performance and been happy prone surfing, only frustrated. With SUP new and different is exciting.
Oh yeah. I waited all day for the postman, till 4pm. No package and I was distraught. Went to work like depressed, which aint like me. How could the post office do this! I was borderline crazy. And then I told myself to relax it will all work out. Call home later, guess what? Going surfing tomorrow... Holla!!!!


  1. Sweet! Can't wait to hear your report and analysis of the iSUP. You know Z will have to get one since it has those adjustable fins on it. Can tune for lefts or rights! :)

  2. Those are kite pumps. Our gauges crap out too. If the pump shaft is plastic, be careful pumping. Push straight or the shaft breaks. If that happens, go to a kitesurfing shop and buy a new pump with aluminum shaft. I hope the kite industry change to aluminum shafts filtered down to the inflatable SUP market too.

    10 psi with those pumps is when it gets hard to pump anymore. When it feels like the pump might break something if you go any harder, that is about 15 psi and at that point the internal valving will break it you keep pumping.

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