Monday, November 30, 2009

San Diego Vacation Day #1

Mission Beach breakfast view from the Wave House. The beach breaks were walled up and shutting down. The wave in the picture is probablyoverhead high.

Butch and I surfeed PB Point and Tourmaline's on Saturday. This is a pulled back water shot of Butch dropping in on the second break and I'm paddling back out.

This is the middle inside section were the wave hits a shallow rock and clams up before rolling in to the inside section. The bottom drops out from under you. I caught some air drops on this section that really flexed the ISUP. I believe the guy on his belly tried to drop in on the inside and got worked.

The "Golden Bear" cruising. This is a great spot for stand up. The inside section is 1-3 foot and can roll perfectly for about 100 yards.
We woke up early and were in the water at first light. There's a lot of room when the waves are big to catch inside and outside waves. This day started with sets a foot or so overhead. The outside reef was a little bigger but a crowded take off.

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