Friday, May 21, 2010

8 More Days Until Peru SUP Trip!

Chicama, you can't get the entire wave in one shot! We have 5 days to surf here.

Lima, big swells at Pico Alto. Tons of surf just south in Hermosa. Check out the current forecast. I'm going record the entire trip, packing, travel, surf and sites.


9'3 Sub Vector
10' Subvector
6'6" Wilson fish or Allison fish?
2 Werner 3 piece paddles
1 C4 paddle
2 GoPro wrist cameras
Video camcorder and tripod
Sony Cybershot
2mm fullsuit
booties (rocks and shit)
2 board shorts
2mm top
4 leashes
Extra leash string (precut)
lots of bubble wrap
Extra fins (quad and thruster for big surf)
Fin keys!!!


  1. Take the dam laptop and update this blog from down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was thinking of that also. We couldn't download the shots to Butch's computer on our San Diego trip, so we may have to bring ours for updates.