Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day #1: Lima


Butch meeting the locals for an after surf beer.

Penascal (San Bartola)
We arrived into Lima at 2am Saturday morning and surfed at 10am. We surfed 40km south of the city in a bay called San Bartola. It has 3 distinct breaks. A left on the inside south bay, a right about 100 yards north of it and an outside right on the far north end of the bay. The two inside waves were head high , maybe biggeron the sets, we SUPed the right. I paddled out to the outside break for a closer look. Butch's friend Jorge, our guide that is from Lima, said it was a medium size day. The sets were double overhead. I didn't get to close because I didn't really know how far the sets would swing out. Most of the guy were surfing long pintails and good at it.


  1. soooooo jealous!!!! What did you ride?


  2. What is the water temp? It looks cold.

  3. Water is 62 degrees, air 75! 2m suit and booties for the rocks. I could trunk it with a top.

  4. All is well here in Wilmington! Hope you all are having a blast!