Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feeling a Surf Buzz

Another Surf House cake. This is the "Here you see it, now you don't" flavor.

CB1 (2nite)

Z- Man

CB1 stroking into one.

Wind swell/swell in the water. Yesterday it was fun SUP surfing with knee to thigh waves. The water is perfect around here to me. It's 1/2 mil to a short suit water. Great for paddling on a sunny day.

Today, Saturday, was pretty good. Lots of bounce/chop with decent faces in the morning. 4-6 ft. faces. An interesting paddle out with a lot current on the inside. Tonight was fun with waist to chest surf with side shore winds and farely good lines. Surfed with CB1, DW, J-Mac and Z in the AM. Z and CB1 in the evening. Topsail tomorrow maybe.

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