Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Traveling with a SUP board: ULI Lopez

I travel several times a year to surf/vacation. Surfboard fees are outrageous and stand up paddle boards are restricted for size. When I go to San Diego I usually rent from Bob's Mission Surf. He has a good selection of boards, paddles and a great price. It does take time to get acquainted with a different board. When I'm there the biggest issue is storing the board while not surfing. Many of the hotels have a hard time accommodating my large board and cruising around during the day with the board on top of the car I run the risk of theft while out.
Solution #1: Inflatable Stand Up Board
The track record seems to be good for the Uli but is it compromising surfing ability? I'm sure grabbing waves and cruising it would be fine, but power bottom turns with speed, critical hollow sections and lifting the board spontaneously for a maneuver is questionable. Especially for $1400.
When I go to S.D. for the holidays I plan on a demo.
Solution #2: Buy or rent a SubV for the west coast and leave it there for future trips.
I still would have storage issues but ride my ride. It wouldn't help me going to Costa Rica or if I'm lucky Peru.

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  1. You should talk to Brad. Maybe he can arrange for you can drop by Boardworks and demo the Sub Vector inflatable.