Friday, October 16, 2009

I Appreciate the Differences

One day we have surf, the next it's gone. What a great day Thursday. If you missed it, put this way, if you have a pulse you got barreled. Not Escondido or Pipeline, but fun.

I brought the paddle board and my shortboard. There's no in between with me. I have to stay active when surfing. No longboard gliding, I need to push and pump.The waves only looked thigh-waist high but the tide was low and the waves were hollow with a WNW wind at 5-7. On the way to the water I stop and got the down low from a fellow surfer who said it was bigger than it looked. Sure enough, after half way through the paddle out I could see that. Why do the waves look and feel totally different when your feet hit the water? You can stand five feet from the water's edge and walk to the water, jump in and you receive a completely different perspective about the ocean.

I appreciate the differences between shortboard and the paddle board. The following is a short breakdown of both wave riding vehicles.

1) Good for surfing closed out surf.
2) I can get quasi barreled on about any day.
3) Good for fast maneuvers on quick waves.
4) I can duck dive whitewater or fall and get right back to paddling immediately.
5) I can sit in a pack and feel some Aloha.

Paddle Board
1) Good for surfing closed out surf because I can get to the corners!
2) Yep, I can get quasi barreled most days. Lay down mid ride!
3) Since I'm down the wave before it breaks I can always get a maneuver.
4) I don't need to duck dive because I can paddle around the whitewater or wait for a lull.
5) Finally, It's hard to get that same Aloha spirit from fellow surfers. BUT SO WHAT, I'm sitting 20 yards outside the pack and too dang busy catching all the waves to notice anyways. Plus, my back hurts from all that sitting.

PS. I do love and and appreciate all ocean sports and generally respect all those involved. Yep wave skis and boogie boards also. Now come in and get some Aloha.

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