Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is Being a Prone Surfer a Pre-Requisite to Stand Up Surfing?


In my experience, on our East Coast , it's dangerous and annoying in crowded lineups to SUP. Our boards take more room to maneuver around. As far as knowing the lineup rules and etiquette, do half the surfers at your local breaks really understand and show consideration for others?

I don't want an inexperienced anything in a lineup. SUP, longboarders, bodysurfer or some tourist that swims right out to the most populated surf spots. And lets not forget about the leashless guys!

So before we debate the one or two inexperienced SUP surfers in the lineup, let's get the lineup straightened out for the proners.

1) It's not OK to paddle straight out to a crowded peak, unless you're best friends with everyone there. You should paddle to the side and work your way into the rotation. Be patient. An example: The guy who jumps in the water in front of the piling or pier and paddles right to the inside. HELLO a**hole!

2) If you catch a wave from the main peak, you should paddle out and sit to the side for the surfers still waiting to have their turn.

3) We all know the surfer to the inside has the right of way, that doesn't mean you can paddle to the inside or turn around while paddling out after someone is already showing commitment to a wave.

4) When paddling back out, always paddle to the inside and not to the shoulder if you're going to be in a riders way.

5) Sh*t happens. If you drop in on someone, pull out ASAP and apologize.

Etiquete comes with experience, logic and upbringing.

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  1. Etiquete comes with experince,logic and upbringing,AMEN!!
    I think these basic rules should be posted on every SUP or Surfing website or Blog, just the basic rules for all the newcomers who want to ride waves.Very good post Brian.