Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Blow Up Doll...

will go anywhereand anyhow.There's my new blow up doll in the back seat. Depending on how many people were around I would deflate her in the parking lot. When you push the release button everyone within 40 feet would jump. I was still a little shy with her. She's straight up 20 lbs, but feels about 10 lbs less than the Sub V.

The inflatable is a fun travel board. I can get the board, pump, 3 piece paddle, a wetsuit and some clothes all in one bag under the 50 lb baggage limit. The trick is getting the final bit of air out. It's really cool seeing it come to shape. The flex in the board makes it more difficult to take on whitewater in a paddle stance, so you have to go surf stance. On the other hand, I jumped over chest high whitewater cleanly. The threat of the board flying back and beating the hell out of you is non issue.

I found this drive up coffee spot while leaving Sunset Cliffs. Butch and I always get a coffee after a good early morning surf. This will be our new place. When I asked for two coffees the girl at the window looked at me funny, it was just me and my doll in the car.

I surfed the left pretty much all by myself. It could wall up nicely with out breaking hardly. I've seen glassier days here but these are the typical morning conditions. 60 degree water and air, light to no wind and you can see 10 feet straight down to the bottom.

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