Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surf this week!?*

The B-Dog and I hit the inlet way outside yesterday. A surprise leftover swell in the waist high range. We SUPed the sand bar next to the red bouy and both caught a great set wave. The tide was going out with light offshore winds and it still had waves coming in.

Saturday looked hopeful and now Magic has it forecasted for Sunday. Of course, I fly out on Sunday at 6am.

On the bright side, I may get to ride my doll on vacation. Butch may get to try a ride on a Uli Lopez in San Diego. We'll make it a double date. I'll even buy the coffee!

I have my Channel Island 6'2'' Al Merrick for sale (check out photo to right). I believe it is one of the best top to bottom shortboards on the market. I surfed it well at 175 lbs in warm water. I have it at the Surf House, Carolina Beach.

Getting ride of your boards is TOUGH. Every board is connected to a fond memory of a day in the water. Something we never want to forget and spend a majority of our time trying to relive.

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