Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anniversary Photo Special

Dwight paddling in and Brad on the shoulder thinking " I could go and he would never would know that I'm there ". But he pulls backs because there's another wave behind it that's better, of course! LOL We're at the pilings on the north end. Another day with no regular(prone) surfers around. That's the beauty of SUP, more days that qualify as surfable.

Butch (my father in law) out front on a paddle. We were making the turn down the waterway from Bradley Creek Marina.

Butch again paddling by his dream boat at the Bluewater Restaurant.

Butch coming down Bradley Creek.
These photos are about a year old from when we firsted started SUP. The great thing about SUP is that you are not limited by only surfing. When the waves are flat or it's windy you can always find a place to enjoy a paddle.

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