Monday, March 23, 2009

Inlet vs. Beach Break (The Pilings, Northend)

Pilings @ Northend Today
Dredging righthander. 1 ft. deep!

Inlet #17

Inlet again.
The Inlet (#15-#18 )
The Pros...
The inlet, when good, gives you a ride that lasts for 100s of yards. It doesn't need to be very big. A thigh to waist high wave can reform to the left, then to right and back to left. Another benefit of this is that it doesn't shut down at low tide. The wave runs across the edge of the sandbars where the numerous channels cross. Great SUP wave.
The wave and conditions are fickle. Some days when the swell, tide and wind line up perfectly nothing happens. The wave will be mushy or have lots of cross chop on the sandbars. Some of our best sessions of been on the smallest days. Not a great prone surfing wave. Can you say "shark bait"!

The Pilings @ Northend
This wave can support one of the best righthanders on any of the area beaches. The wave will let you in next to the pilings and line up for 50 or more yards on a good day. The best waves are after a beach renourishment project. The wave is made into a hollow right point break for months after the sand is dropped. South swells sweep accross and light up the rights. A great SUP wave at high tide with a little swell. Oh yeah, it's the best beer drinking spot on pleasure island!
Really shallow at low tide. Almost impossible to find a corner unless it's big. This is also one of the most crowded summer spots on the island. Surfers have also been known to drink to many beers to go back out! Think how crowded really could be?

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