Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Modified SUP Board Rack

This is my simple and affordable home made truck rack system that is easily removed and causes absolutely no impact to the truck. The frame is designed with 2x4s, screws, small roof nails and exterior carpet.

The frame is held to the truck with bolts that were aligned and drilled through the rack. We inserted these round eye hooks made for tie downs that have a toggle bolt that fits into the corner of a truck bed. A wing nut and washer secure the two together.

A simple carpeted 2x4 for the rear. We drilled eye hooks into the top sides of the racks for board bungee tie downs. I would suggest placing them on the interior side instead. When they are facing up you run the risk of dropping your board down on them.

Remove the rack by unscrewing wingnuts. Cost under $50. I rarely remove mine. Only minimal warping at the rear rack.

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