Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Review. Time to SUP.

B-Dog. Sunday @ Northend.

Butch. Sunday @ Northend.

Butch. Sunday @ Northend

Butch. Saturday @ Masonboro.

B-Dog. Saturday @ Masonboro.

Saturday. We loaded up the boat with 6 people, 5 surfboards and 4 paddle boards. The waves lost a lot size over night, but the conditions were good. Thigh to waist high with good form and a small crowd. Time to SUP. Butch, Brad, Todd and I paddled and caught lots of waves.

Sunday. I missed the call and thought the wind was going to be offshore. Wrong. We surfed at the north end and the waves were choppy. There still was some swell in the thigh high plus range. Masonboro would have been a repeat of Saturday's conditions.

One of the great things about surfing is the thrill of the hunt. Sometimes the conditions are better and sometimes worse than expected.

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  1. Great site. Will be looking forward to seeing more. I did a little spot on my site and put your link on my site . Thanks Brian ...We will have to hook up and paddle next time.. Mahalo Glen