Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to the C.B. !

Overall, surfing at Carolina Beach/Pleasure Island has become my favorite NC surfing beach. A close 2nd is Masonboro on a north swell. It's hard to surf Mas. on low tide and with any chop. It's a one swell beach. But Carolina Beach has the juice! (as for southern NC spots) For some reason our waves are more "buff" than beaches to the north and south. The sand bar at the Sun Skipper can pound you. Add some backwash from the rocks and the wave jacks up on take off! If anyone has surfed the north end pier on a south swell after a beach renourishment then you have been shacked deep for our area.

Here's a general surf spot list from south to north:
Fort Fisher
The Cove
Kure Beach
Pelican Watch
Hamelet St.
Sun Skipper
North End

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